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Here is the official Strawberry BlueNewsletter. This will keep you up on the current events of the guild, neopets, and more!

Hey all you guys! Where were you at the meeting? Oh, thats okay! We'll find another place and another time! So, what is up with you? This is kind of a silly question to ask, because I am asking you, but there is no way for you to answer. It's the thought that counts, right ; o ) ! But anyway, lets get back on topic! This is a brand new site, so don't be mad if it is not looking so great, or not edited yet.
We are having a raffle soon, only 100 np per ticket! The prizes are great, and you are helping the guild!
We are also having a new donation for this month, so visit this shop And pick up some goods. It's all stuff that everyone has, but, I mean, the top donaters can win rare items and tons of np! That means that you better start donating! In a few d/w/m we will be posting the top donaters, and if they can be at the top for over two months, they will recieve 4,000 np, + a bottled faerie!
See you!

Check out the calender!

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