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Strawberry Blue

What in the world is neopets?

Neopets is a popular, imaginative website. When you first sign up with neopets, you have the choice of creating a pet. You should create a pet, because that is what neopets is all about. They do not have dogs, or cats or fish. Instead they created all these pets that are totally original. They have meercas, jubjubs, shoyrus, kacheeks, wockys, poogles and more!
Aside from the pets, there are games, secret and public places, chat, worlds, shops, guilds and more! Neopets is a mountain of fun and suprises!

Are you wondering what a guild is? A guild is a group of people who are in a group. One group might be about animals, maybe one about Harry Potter, or even one for just having fun!

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