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Strawberry Moriah


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There are many forms of dance. But some of the most popular are:
  • ballet
  • jazz
  • modern
  • tap



Ballet can be considered as art or dance. It is a very emotional type of dance.
There are two types of ballet, classical and modern. In the classical ballet, once you are twelve years old, you can go on pointe. Pointe may mean nothing to people, so  let me explain. Pointe shoes are shoes that you stand on your very tippy toes in. There in a block of wood at the bottom, and there are layers of glue and fabric used for padding. Remember, only professionals do this, don't try it at home, unless you are a pointe dancer!
Ballet is very inspiring. There are many positions in ballet.

Jazz is a little bit more swinger than ballet. Jazz isn't asgraceful, though it can be as beautiful to watch as ballet.


This is a move you might see a jazz dancer do.



Modern dancing is a very interesting form, because it is very expressive. The way you can express yourself is not limited at all. You can make a sticky shape, a heavy shape, a light shape, a prickly shape, anything. It is a nice feeling when you watch - or do- modern.

Anybody can dance modern! All you need is:

  • comfortable clothing
  • some music with a steady beat
  • imagination!

It is a real fun type of dance, which anyone can do.


A major feature about tap dancing is the shoes you wear. The shoes are just dance shoes, exept they have pieces of metal attached to the front and back of the shoe. When you 'tap' the shoe against the floor in certain patterns, it makes certain sounds. You understand why it is called tap, right?
This is an amazing form of dance because it is very unique, and the speed. For tap there are many speeds. A lot of tap dancers dance quick, but it does matter to the song you are dancing to!

So, do you know more about dance than you did before? Don't worry if you don't, these pages will be updated soon!