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Strawberry Moriah
Visual Arts


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Art is very expressive, and is a very old form of art. There are many diferrent types of art, but two major ones are abstract and representational.
Abstract art is very interesting. It means that when someone looks at it, they don't say,"Oh! It is a car!" or, " It is definatly Mike Weir." The artist uses line, shape and colour to express the mood they want to send out.
Representational art is art that represents something like a car or Mike Weir. It is just as interesting as abstract art.



This painting is done by Monet. It is represtentational. Note the warm colours he used to capture the light.


The Weeping Woman

This painting is by Picasso, who painted representational with a touch of abstract. Note the shapes he used.


Red Tree

This painting is by Emily Carr. A lot of people didn't appreciate her work because female artists were not aproved of at the time.


Afternoon, Algonquin Park

This painting is by Tom Thompson. He was the one who inspired 'The Group of Seven'. Notice the contrast between the cool colour of the snow, and the warm colour of the leaves.