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The Diary of...


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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

November 4
Dear Diary,
I'm bored. What am I to do? I don't want to pay attention right now, if you havn't guessed by now, I am in Mr. Honsen's math class. So, what do you think I did? I pulled out you!
The funniest thing happenned in gym today! James, my gym partner, was calling my name, when all of a sudden people started to laugh. I wondered why. Why do you think, Dear Diary? Well, Matt's partner Melanie had fallen off the climber. Its not funny that she got hurt, its just funny that her shorts fell down!!!
Uh Oh! Mr.Honsen just gave me an angry looking glance. I better go!
All Laughed Out,
Lissa headed to her locker, thrilled that the week was over. She did the combination. It wouldn't open. She tried it again. Still wouldn't open. She tried it one more time. It opened. She stuffed her homework in her bag and ran into the school yard. Her mom wouldn't be there until four. She took out her diary and started to draw.

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